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Greater Tidewater Chapter 137

Please consider your heart health and help us raise funds for our local American Heart Association for Heart awareness month!

Our chapter will be taking donations at our February meeting in place of our 50/50 raffle and auction basket!

February we will have a speaker - 

               Dave Gillespie from Virginia Technical Academy                                                 ~ Welcome Dave!! 


The topic will be focused on:

      What does the Virginia Technical Academy have to offer Women in Trade?

February 3rd  Board Meeting 

February 5th  Block Kids Event 



February 19th  Chapter Meeting  


March 1-7  WIC Week


March 9th  Board Meeting

March 26-29  Spring Conference in Staunton, VA 



April 6th  Board Meeting 

April 22nd  Chapter Meeting 

May 4th  Board Meeting 

May 20th  Chapter Meeting 

November 5-8  Fall Conference in Asheville, NC