NAWIC Annual Planning Conference

Savannah, Georgia

October 11 – 12, 2013

“Circle Meets the Squares in Savannah”


The Coastal Georgia Chapter #380 hosted this Annual Planning Conference and this was their first time hosting. The event began on Friday with a few seminars to choose from along with an opportunity to explore some of the historical site in Savannah.

I attended two seminars that were offered on Friday.  The first one was about Historic Preservation in the Savannah area and the regulations relative to bring old to code and preserving the original design.  It was quite detailed and very informative.  The second seminar was about Building Information Modeling (BIM).  We were shown how this software helps bring a project to life for the end user.  They also spoke on how this program is utilized to identify conflicts prior to construction, which in turn save money and time for all involved.  


The Welcome Party “NAWIC in the Garden of Good & Evil” was hosted at the Pool with catering from Lady & Sons (Paul Dean) wow it was such a treat.


Saturday started off with a fantastic Speaker Dr. Bertice Berry, She spoke on “Leadership in Women” she made us laugh, cry and say yes “WE CAN”.  I would love an opportunity to hear her speak again.  She ended with a song that was full of sprit and encouragement.


It was off to seminar and workshops for the rest of the morning.  I attended one on “Personalities Plus” well I found out what type of personality I am.  It turns out I can work best with most others so fear not, everyone is safe, I play well with others. I then attended the Workshop “The IN Crowd” that provided us with tools to better understand who you might need to help grow your business.  It was interesting to find all the small things/people you might have overlooked; however, are very important to your business and potential additional work.


The Lunch speaker presented some of the workshop during the morning sessions and spoke about “When Dream & Work Collide” then it was off to more seminars / workshops I did not attend any of these workshops because I was assisting in the set-up for the NEF fundraiser during the afternoon business session. 


The afternoon business session provided an opportunity to hear about the upcoming dues increase via a power point presentation and provided information on what we as members can do to keep the cost to a minimal when it is voted on at Midyear Board Meeting.  There were award presented the year-end awards presented and Tidewater received a few as well. Be sure to reach out the Jenny Davis about the wonderful recognition we received as a chapter. 


If you have not attended a forum or Annual planning conference out of our chapter area, I highly recommend you give it a try.  It really gives you the opportunity to meet other members that share your interest in the construction industry.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at Office No. (757) 499-3434.


Deborah L. Knight


Deborah L. Knight, CDS, CIT


NAWIC Annual Planning Conference

Savannah, Georgia

October 11 – 12, 2013




I attended the 46th Annual Planning Conference in Savannah, GA  and, as usual, had a blast.

We met up with some of our other NAWIC Sisters for breakfast at

a fabulous restaurant.  That was the beginning of a great experience in beautiful Savannah. 

After registration there were various meetings for the Chapter Presidents, Regional Committee Chairs and First Timers.


At 6:00 we had a Welcome Party by  the Hilton Garden  Pool Deck.

 The food and music was great and seeing other NAWIC members

 from the other chapters was great.


On Saturday, the morning business session included the Keynote speaker, Dr. Bertice Berry.  She  wowed us with her speech about life experiences. We laughed with her and cried with her. Boy, I could have listened to her all day.

After the morning business session, we proceeded to the various workshops.  I attended the Value of NAWIC Membership given by Helena Johnson.  It was a very information session, and found that other chapters are experiencing the same difficulty in recruiting members and are having the same joy in being a member of such a great organization as NAWIC. 

  I, also, attended” Personalities Plus-How to work Well Together as a Team” with John Chiaro.  This gave us an insight as to our personalities in the workplace. 

Not to my surprise, lunch was fabulous- Low Country Boil.  Didn’t want to act like a pig, but I really wanted to get a second helping of everything.


The lunch speaker, Amy Kilpatrick from Nspired Networking was a very inspirational speaker.  She, also, conducted a workshop which was very fun because we all got a chance to participate.


The afternoon business session was informative, and was fun because that’s where we raised money for NEF.  The bids for APC 2015, invitations to APC 2014 in Charlotte, NC, Invitation to AMEC (National Conference), invitation to Spring Forum, 2014 in Raleigh, NC were all presented.

After all was done, there was free time for us to tour the city. 

This was a very fun and informative conference and I look forward to attending others in the future.


Sandra Y. Ross